Dinner and a Movie at the Tin Room, Tin Theatre

This month my son and his wife took my out for an experience like no other. We ate dinner at the Tin Room in Burien, just outside of Seattle. It’s called the Tin Room because in the past a tin smith owned the space and crafted works of tin there. You can read about the building’s history on their website. But the website doesn’t begin to describe the experience you’ll have there today.


The food is cooked to perfection, which has drawn many hungry people from near and far to the eatery. Entrees include shrimp scampi, cod tacos, “Olde Burien” grilled meatloaf, salads and small plates. I ordered the Greek salad and it was topnotch – filled with feta, crisp crunchy lettuce and just the right amount of dressing. The Tin Room offers specialty cocktails according to the season, so right now you can order a pumpkin pie martini or a poinsettia (not sure what’s in that). Spring brings am entirely new menu of crafted cocktails.

So what was so unique about this experience apart from the yummy entrees? My son bought movie tickets for the film “It’s a Wonderful Life” from our server in the restaurant. Then he took napkins into the theater, which you access through the bar, to save our seats for the movie in the Tin Theater. We didn’t have to drive to the multiplex and wait in line in the rain to buy tickets for a movie. It was all done so slick.

The theater seats less than 50, so it’s very intimate and cozy and the perfect way to see the holiday classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” They show a different movie every week, not first run films mind you, but the atmosphere is so much fun I don’t think it would matter much what was playing.

After we found our seats, a woman took our order for snacks and drinks for the movie. You can order popcorn, candy, soda and also alcoholic drinks and there’s no waiting in a long concession line. That same woman delivers the orders before the film begins. This was definitely my kind of “dinner and a movie.” I’ve heard about the luxury theatres where you can eat meals during a movie, but I have trouble with spilling my food when the lights are on. Total darkness would not be good for me.

You do have to be 21 years of age to attend a movie here.

“Ted” starts its run today. Watch the Tin Theatre website for what plays next. I highly recommend this as a very entertaining night out for a very small cost. You can also attend the movie without eating in the Tin Room, but why not try both?

2 thoughts on “Dinner and a Movie at the Tin Room, Tin Theatre

  1. Jane Boursaw

    This is really cool. We have a wonderfully restored downtown theater here in Traverse City, but don’t have the meal option (but it wouldn’t surprise me if they figure out a way to add it in).


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