“Exploring Washington’s Backroads” Paints a Perfect Picture

John Deviny, author of “Exploring Washington’s Backroads,” was kind enough to give me a copy of this most intriguing book. It’s a short, concise volume packed with trips throughout our state that anyone, traveler or local, would enjoy. Photos on every page just make the enticement more alluring. Deviny has divided the state into what her calls “Backroad Trips,” 17 of them to be exact.

View from Skamania Lodge in the Columbia Gorge, which is also mentioned in the book.

Each of the trips describes the general location, “Sights and Scenes” not to miss and a route to follow that truly depicts the culture and personality of the area. For example, “Backroad Trip 2” loops you through the Black Hills of the Puget Sound region in Thurston and Grays Harbor counties. In our Capitol, Olympia, you begin the journey and then drive through forested hills above the Chehalis and Black River plains through old timber towns and quaint businesses. Be sure to investigate the magical Mima Mounds.

You visit towns like McCleary, which actually holds a Bear Festival (July 12-14, 2013), and where the door factory is still in business wafting off the smell of sawdust to remind you it’s a mill town.

Each trip holds surprises and new information (even to me) so when you’re ready to discover small-town Washington, I urge you to order this book, pile the family in your car and head on down the road. You’ll be glad you did.

Deviny advises you to explore on your own, beyond what he describes in his book, “A good road trip is an art form, and the open road is your canvas.”

Soap Lake, also mentioned in the book, has a new sundial.

5 thoughts on ““Exploring Washington’s Backroads” Paints a Perfect Picture

  1. Bev McC

    I travel Washington and am so excited about this book…The author actually captured places I haven’t been! Now can’t wait to go!

  2. John Deviny

    Thanks, Heather, for the mention! Thanks, commenters, for your kind words!
    Exploring Washington’s Backroads is still cruising along. In fact, they sell them in the gift shop at Alderbrook Lodge now, which I see was honored with a nod here on your blog.
    One thing I have come to realize from folks, and has served well, is that in most ways the book has become timeless by nature. Things change so rapidly, but the scenery is always what you see, and the spirit of aimless discovery is always just that.
    The book is still quite available on Amazon, and can be ordered at any bookstore.
    Wishing all many happy miles.


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