Unwind at the Tulalip

This past week I had the pleasure of spending a night at the Tulalip Resort near Marysville. When you walk through the door, you’re greeted by three 24-foot totem poles, but the accurate name for them is house posts. One welcomes guests, one tells the story of gambling in the Tulalip people’s culture and one pole tells all kinds of stories. They all look beautiful and introduce you to the art you’ll find throughout the resort.

Even the designs on the carpet tell a story and also help you navigate your way through the casino portion of the resort to the fabulous restaurants.

I did not have a lot of time to explore the entire resort, so I’d like to tell you about my guest room. Besides being spotless, the room was stylishly furnished in red and black, the colors of the Tulalip people. The smallest guest room measures 500 square feet.


With floor to ceiling windows, free WiFi, a 47” flat screen TV and a sleep-inducing mattress, the rooms offer an elegant respite from the rigors of daily life. To take relaxation one step further, I can’t sing the praises of the three-headed shower enough. I hope whoever invented that has made millions because he deserves the riches.

Guest amenities include the oasis pool, which seems like it’s outside, but is actually located inside, a fitness center, a business center and a luxurious gift shop like you might find in a Caribbean resort. Room rates start at $225.


While on site, you can attend concerts, gamble in the casino, dine in your choice of gourmet restaurants and shop at the Seattle Premium Outlets (my absolute favorite outlet mall).

Las Vegas – eat your heart out. We have the best casino resort right here in Washington State.

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