I Found Sasquatch

At the City Park in North Bonneville, I spotted a family of five Bigfeet and Littlefeet plus more Littlefeet frolicking in the trees.


Maybe it’s because Bigfoot hunting is prohibited in Skamania County. Or because the residents of North Bonneville were welcoming and friendly. But this family of Sasquatch (or is it Sasquatches?) has moved from the Cascade Forests to this small town that was built for the workers on the Bonneville Dam project in 1934.

Large footprints guide you to the various Littlefeet who seem to be hiding in the trees at the park. But if you look closely you’ll see them and the Littlefeet are very curious about humans and hardly shy at all unlike their Bigfeet parents, so you may find yourself talking to them.


Birds, squirrels, owls and rabbits live in perfect harmony with the Bigfeet and Littlefeet in this park.

Skamania County is the only sanctioned “Sasquatch Refuge” in the world due to the large number of Bigfoot sightings in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, so if you’re a fan you should put this place on your visit list. You won’t regret it.

Have any of you spotted Bigfoot?

12 thoughts on “I Found Sasquatch

  1. Alexandra

    Here on Cape Cod, no Bigfeet, but last month we did have big paw marks in the sand belonging to the Cape Cod Bear, before he was relocated to another part of Massachusetts.

  2. Brette

    This is hysterical! There actually was a Bigfoot sighting in my town a few years ago on a local farm. There were film crews here and everything.

  3. Living Large

    Those are very beautiful carvings! As for Bigfoot, no sightings that I’m aware of in the Ozark Mountains, but we do watch the television show now and then hoping to catch a glimpse! 🙂 It’s funny, when my father-in-law was visiting earlier this month, we had a conversation about who believes and why.

    1. Heather Larson Post author

      If there is one, I’m pretty sure he lives in Washington. I once saw a show on PBS where a woman said he came to her cabin, knocked on the door and asked to borrow garlic for the dinner he was cooking.


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