Willows Lodge Provides Sanctuary

This past Sunday and Monday I attended a travel writer’s conference and had the opportunity to stay in the wonderful Willows Lodge in Woodinville. I’ve stayed in some very luxurious hotels, but this one will always have a spot in my top ten.

Outdoor patio at Willow Lodge

The guest rooms are huge. I don’t know what kind of mattress they have on the beds, but I slept like one of my dogs after eating their breakfast. The lights are all on dimmer switches which lets you control how bright you want it and if you think you might have trouble finding the bathroom in the middle of the night, you can keep a dim light burning.

Speaking of the bathroom, which is what most woman look for in a hotel room. The very inviting bathtub drew lots of attention from my fellow conference attendees. It was very deep, large and round and the mini bar even offered different fragrant bubble baths to make the tub even more appealing.

I never knew before that I liked a 98-degree shower, but thanks to this shower which is operated by push-buttons that let you control the temperature down to the degree, I now know that’s ideal. The shower was also huge – enough room for a family of four to shower at the same time.

Ruthie, the host dog at Willows Lodge

Another dog on staff at Willows Lodge

Another perk: The Willows Lodge is dog-friendly and the host dog Ruthie, a basset hound, welcomes both human and canine guests.

2 thoughts on “Willows Lodge Provides Sanctuary

  1. Haley

    Great to see you at the conference, Heather. The room sounds wonderful — I’m totally jealous I didn’t stay at the Willows now!


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