Monthly Archives: September 2012

Signs, Signs, Wherefore Art Thou?

I rarely speak derogatorily about my state, but what is the deal with not having signs so people can find area attractions?


Besides directional signs to attractions, the powers that be let the bushes and greenery grow over speed limit signs and stop signs so they are completely hidden. The better to give you tickets, I guess.

Yet when I drive south to Oregon, their signs are designed with very large fonts and easily visible – not hiding behind bushes.

My latest sign fiasco was last week when I needed to find a wildlife refuge in Ridgefield, Washington. People told me it was huge. Still I couldn’t find it. One sign embellished the highway and told me where to exit. After the exit, I had four choices of roads, but that was the end of the signs. I tried driving a couple miles down each of my choices and tried the web site directions and the GPS on my phone. Still didn’t find the refuge.

I think the people who host garage or yard sales should be in charge of our signs. They have signs everywhere and certainly know how to direct people to their yards so they can spend money.


How is the signage in your state? Any suggestions on how to get Washington to come to the sign party?

Flower photos for your viewing pleasure because I couldn’t find those gosh darn signs.