Have a Blast at Run of the River in Leavenworth


This beautiful, luxurious bed and breakfast has to be one of the few places where once you land, you never want to leave. We spent two nights there not long ago and met a guest at breakfast who spent her days reading, sewing and just enjoying all that Run of the River had to offer. She seemed reluctant to leave in the evening to go into town for dinner and to meet family members.

For enjoying the scenery, you have your choice of sitting on your deck or relaxing on deck chairs placed in the grass on the property. Then if you’re patient you’ll spot wildlife. We spent a good part of one evening watching a doe and her two fawns drink from the creek below our balcony. What a pleasure and change from the busyness and traffic congestion most of us experience at home.


The next morning we discovered at breakfast that other guests had seen a cougar, a bear and a raccoon picking cherries high up in a cherry tree.

The endless chi cha cha and chirping of various birds, the lush greenery and the creek that reflected mirror stillness all make you feel like you’ve landed in nature’s wonderland. Of course, every once in awhile you need sustenance.


That’s what the morning breakfasts provide. Five course meals that nobody can ever finish, but they are filled with healthy, local, tasty ingredients. Everything is made fresh in the morning from the blended fruit juices to the quiches. Then if you need an afternoon snack or a dessert after your dinner, you’ll find something sweet and delicious (and different everyday) in the dining area to take to your room.


Run of the River seems perfect for everyone – from those wanting to get away and relax to honeymooners from all over the globe (we met two from London).

Disclaimer:  Run of the River hosted my stay.

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2 Responses to Have a Blast at Run of the River in Leavenworth

  1. Mike says:

    Oh Heather, I live in Reno and absolutely love, love, love the State of Washington! That looks right up up my alley – comfortably rustic and incredibly cozy! This made me smile :)

  2. Heather says:

    Your blog post, “Have a Blast at Run of the River in Leavenworth |
    Discover Washington State” ended up being truly worth commenting on!
    Merely needed to point out u really did a
    great work. Thanks for the post ,Jay

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