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Hello Fellow Travelers,

I’m a native of Washington and still enjoy playing tourist in our beautiful state. Having lived for one very unpleasant year in a military town in Georgia, that shall remain nameless, I think we often take for granted our state’s wide variety of terrains and climates, attractions and activities, lush green backdrops and wide open wheat fields.

As a travel writer who has contributed to numerous publications, I am often asked to cover stories here in my own backyard. Washington’s miles of ocean beaches, numerous lakes, raging rivers and calm creeks make the state both a favorite destination for tourists and one of the many reasons most of us can’t imagine living anywhere else. We have snow-covered mountains, an active volcano (Mt. St. Helens), and rugged hills, yet we’re also dazzled by rain forests, parched by deserts and lured by wineries and breweries.

You don’t have to drive far to find your next cup of coffee in Washington or to discover a farmer’s market selling lush local produce. For those seeking a “staycation,” our state offers a variety of farms, dude ranches, spas, and fine dining. Pop culture fans will enjoy visiting Forks – home to the vampires who live in the “Twilight” books. We pretty much have it all.

Relying on past experiences and future explorations, I’d like to share the wonders and treasures of my home state with you. Maybe you’ll be persuaded to visit and share our majestic bounty. Maybe you’ll have memories of your own to contribute.

Whether you travel with spouses, children, grandchildren, friends or even Fido, there are destinations in Washington guaranteed to take your breath away.

Shall we get started?

Heather Larson

Tacoma, Washington

4 Responses to About DiscoverWashingtonState.com

  1. Kendra says:

    Wonderful article about the Washington State Ferries. Makes me want to go on a trip to all of Washington’s beautiful islands. Just the thought of the nice cool breeze and fresh air helps me to relax.

  2. sarah henry says:

    Ok, Heather, I’m going to hit you up: Wanna share your top picks for a teen visiting Seattle for the first time (that he remebers, anyway)? Turns out the Mariners aren’t in town the week we’re there–they’ll be in our neck of the woods instead. Timing.

    • Heather Larson says:

      Would love to share. No milkshakes at Purple. The milk flights are for littler ones.

      Depending on timing a Sounders soccer game – soundersfc.com, definitely Pacific Science Center – pacificsciencecenter.org, if he’s a music lover then Experience Music Project – empmuseum.org, an Underground Tour – undergroundtour.com and if he likes seafood, The Crab Pot is fun – crabpotseattle.com. The food is dumped out on white butcher paper so you can dive in.

  3. Crystie says:

    Hi there Heather,

    I wasn’t sure where to send an email and I just wanted to thank you for taking time to stop and visit us at Finnriver Farm & Cidery in Chimacum on your recent visit to the Olympic Peninsula. I appreciated the chance to share our story and our hard ciders & fruit wines with you.

    Come back and see us when you are in the area and we wish you wonderful discoveries around Washington,

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