A Nod to Knob Hill in Ketchum, Idaho

In March I attended the beginning of the Sun Valley Film Festival for a writing assignment. Green Rubino, a public relations firm in Seattle, was kind enough to find me lodging at Knob Hill. Before my flight I checked out Knob Hill Inn on Tripadvisor.com. Almost every reviewer gave the hotel five stars. Everyone, but one gentleman who complained that it was next door to a cemetery. Those people won’t be partying and keep you up at night so I didn’t really understand his objection. Besides it’s a very historic cemetery where Ernest Hemingway is buried.

View from my hotel window in Sun Valley.


What a beautiful home away from home. The location, just outside downtown proper, made for quiet nights.

This boutique property houses 29 lovely rooms – all renovated in a chateau-style architecture last November. From the TVs to the bedding and even the custom furniture, everything matched the Sun Valley theme. And do you know how they got rid of the heavy European pieces purchased by the previous owner? They held a yard sale and sold it to the community.


And the staff – well if you wore socks, Knob Hill employees would knock them off with their superior service. They call it European charm. I call it rare and wonderful. From housekeeping to the front desk to the shuttle drivers, everyone went out of their way to make all the guests feel special. One afternoon while exploring the downtown shops I heard my name called. It was one of the hotel shuttle drivers asking me if I wanted a ride anywhere. 

I think Rick Steves was on to something when he referred to Idahoans as “freakishly friendly.”

Disclaimer:  Knob Hill hosted my stay.

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7 Responses to A Nod to Knob Hill in Ketchum, Idaho

  1. Sheryl says:

    Have never been to Idaho, but I’ve heard from other people that Ketchum is really special.

  2. I love the part about the yard sale! Being treated with personal service can make a stay so special. This sounds like a wonderful place to visit!

  3. Amazing how two different travelers can see the same cemetery in different ways!

  4. Cemeteries used to bother me when I was young. Now, they merely seem peaceful and interesting.

  5. Kerry Dexter says:

    glad you had such a good stay, and thanks for letting us know about this lodging. I hope we will get to hear more abotu the film festival as well.

  6. Jane Boursaw says:

    Neat! And I had no idea Ernest Hemingway was buried there. He has roots in northern Michigan.

    Agree with Ruth – now I find cemeteries peaceful and interesting.

  7. Jane Boursaw says:

    Oh, and did you see any cool films?

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